here to revaluate your music, arts and creativity..




i am working on a pepperbox audio pc with an uad apollo interface and steinberg cubase pro software. i also use wavelab , propellerhead, native instruments, waves , knufinke ,acustica audio , flux , ina-grm , psp , arturia & native instruments software in addition to the apollo and multible uad2 cards.

i use genelec 8050´s , 8020´s ,yamaha ns10 , auratone , klein & hummel ,urei & krk monitors together with a dangerous audio monitor ST controller system.

i am also rebuilding my analog mixing room , using a DDA 32/8/2 channel analog console with classic outboard gear, including urei , emt , klein & hummel, klark teknik , spl , focusrite, hcl laboratories ,dbx , lexicon & empirical labs

i am also recording individual vocal performances or instruments with my infamous hcl FAUST tube mic.