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   adam´s Q and A´s

 Q :adam, do i have to pay you at all?

A: yes?!

Q: are we in business? did you get my order?

 A :yes, once you have contacted me, i will send you an offer.

once you have accepted the offer , we are in business.

Q: how do i sent my music data to your studio ?

A: you can send it postal,on any data or storage medium.

but i prefer to download your music files from my server cloud ,drop box or

a transfer website of your choice.


Q :how do i get my music back from you ?

A: i can send it postal,on a Master CD , usb stick or any storage medium.

but once again i prefer to upload  your music files on my server cloud ,or

send you a download link we agree on.

Q: can i visit you during the project?

A: no, i really like to work on my own, but there is always room for exceptions.


Q : huh ? but how do we communicate?

A: we can use the Facebook Messenger , Whatsapp ,Threema ,SMS or E-mail during the session..

Q : can i give you directions?

A: yes, please do it in advance. write down some bands, songs or tunes you can identify with soundwise. this will get me in the mood.

Q :what happens if i don´t like what i hear?

A: i understand, please write down some notes and send it to me ( please be polite, i´m only adam)

eg: "the snare is too loud adam..." ; "adam, the vocals are missing some air" ; "please , the reverb on the kick is toooo nasty...why do you put reverb on a kick anyway?" " " adam...less bass please,i know you want to make it bump,but this is ridiculous..."

i will do revisions as good as possible,thats promised.

Q : what is a revision and what does it cost me?

A: debugging! a revision should be a reasonable and understandable error correction , a is quite regular, that in a row of 10 , you will find 2 or 3 songs where little things can be improved to align the quality of the album stream. i usually do it myself,before i send the files back to you, but sometimes even i fail. there is a certain contingent of revisions i do for free, but it is not possible to ask for extensive changes repeatedly.